Herschel Space Observatory Calibration Workshop#2 Presentations
version 1.0, 6 February 2008
Session 1: Herschel satellite and instruments
G.L. Pilbratt The Herschel Space Observatory
M.Olberg HIFI calibration status and plans
U. Klaas/H. Dannerbauer PACS calibration status and plans
T. Lim/P. Hargrave SPIRE calibration status and plans
Session 2: Mars and Giant Planets
R. Moreno/C. Kramer Introduction
E. Lellouch A Mars continuum model for calibration of the Herschel data
B. Butler Mars models for Herschel
P. Hartogh Calibration of Herschel/HIFI in the CO absorption lines of Mars
R. Moreno Models of the Giant Planets
G. Orton Uranus and Neptune models for Herschel
M.D. Hofstadter Uranus in the Herschel Time Frame
Session 3: Background and confusion noise
Cs. Kiss Background and confusion noise
Session 4: Galilean satellites and asteroids
P. Hargrave/T. Lim Introduction
M. Gurwell Galilean satellites as Herschel calibrators
Th. Müller The Asteroid Preparatory Programme for Herschel, AKARI and ALMA
P. Barnes Recalibrating the absolute flux scale at 3 mm using planets and asteroids
J.A. Stansberry Asteroids and Spitzer MIPS 160 micron calibration
B. Bhattacharya Asteroids: Spitzer observations and lightcurves
Session 5: Stars and secondary calibrators
J. Blommaert/G. Sandell Introduction
E. Bauwens Stellar calibrators for Herschel and their models
Cs. Kiss ISOPHOT list of standard stars
G. Sandell Secondary calibrators for Herschel
D. Dowell Observations of asteroids, secondary calibrators and stellar standards
A. Noriega-Crespo Spitzer Calibration at Long Wavelengths. MIPS Calibration at 24 and 70 micron
1) 5 minutes discussion included
2)10 minutes discussion included
Splinter D: Wavelength calibration
A.Marston/A.M. Heras Introduction
F. Herpin HIFI Frequency calibration
H. Feuchtgruber/A. Poglitsch PACS Spectrometer Wavelength calibration
E. Polehampton Spectral line calibration sources for the SPIRE FTS
D. Teyssier Secondary calibrators for HIFI
Splinter E: Calibration in other observatories and cross-calibration
S.J. Leeks/P. García-Lario Introduction
I. Yamamura Astronomical calibrations of the AKARI Far-Infrared Surveyor
G. Lagache In-flight photometric calibration of the Planck/HFI instrument
B. Schulz Planck/HFI vs. Herschel/SPIRE cross-calibration
G. Rieke An accurate and consistent absolute infrared calibration
P. García-Lario Herschel cross-calibration strategy
Session 6: Summary of splinters and conclusions
M. Griffin Summary of splinter A
P. Hargrave/T.Lim Summary of splinter B
J. Blommaert/G. Sandell Summary of splinter C
A. Marston/A.M. Heras Summary of splinter D
S.J. Leeks/P. García-Lario Summary of splinter E