Herschel Space Observatory Calibration Workshop: Models and Observations of astronomical calibration sources
Wednesday, December 1st
Plenary session (Chair: M. Harwit)
G.L. Pilbratt The Herschel Space Observatory
F. Helmich HIFI - The heterodyne instrument for the infrared calibration
U. Klaas PACS calibration strategy
T. Lim SPIRE calibration strategy
G.S. Orton Solar system objects as radiance calibrators in the far-infrared
and submillimeter
F. Kerschbaum Solid state features in the far-infrared
Splinter 1: Mars and Giant Planets (Chairs: F. Helmich/C. Kramer)
F. Helmich/C. Kramer Introduction
E. Bergin Observations of planets with SWAS: Calibration  and science
B. Butler Mars as a Far-IR/submm calibrator?
P. Hartogh General circulation- and submm radiative transfer modeling of
the Martian atmosphere at MPS
J.R. Pardo Broadband submillimetre measurements of the Giant Planets'
brightness temperature
M.D. Hofstadter The observed variability of the Uranian atmosphere
R. Moreno Models of the Giant Planets
Thursday, December 2nd
Splinter 2: Asteroids and satellites (Chairs: P. Hargrave/T. Lim)
P. Hargrave/T. Lim Introduction
B. Bhattacharya Spitzer and asteroids as calibrators
First Solar System Results from Spitzer
T. Ootsubo Establishment of asteroidal calibrators for far-infrared
and sub-mm observations
R. Moreno Satellites as calibrators and models
Th. Mueller The Asteroid preparatory programme for HERSCHEL, ASTRO-F and ALMA
Splinter 3: Stars and secondary calibrators (Chairs: J. Blommaert/M. Groenewegen)
J. Blommaert/
M. Groenewegen
M. Cohen Stellar calibrators for HERSCHEL/SPIRE and PACS
L. Decin Modeling of stellar atmospheres in the far-infrared
P. Abraham Secondary standards for ISOPHOT
G. Sandell Secondary Calibrators at sub-mm wavelengths
V. Bujarrabal Observations and models of molecular line emission from late stars
Friday, December 3rd
Plenary session (Chair: Th. De Graauw)
F. Helmich/C. Kramer Conclusions of splinter 1
P. Hargrave/T. Lim Conclusions of splinter 2
Conclusions of splinter 3
J. Blommaert/
M. Groenewegen
C. Kiss The impact of cirrus confusion noise for Herschel/PACS
Splinter 4: Calibration and cross-calibration strategies (Chairs: A.M. Heras/S.J. Leeks)
S.J. Leeks/A.M. Heras Introduction
V. Tolls SWAS Calibration Strategy
P. Abraham ISOPHOT-related calibration work at Konkoly Observatory
B. Bhattacharya Spitzer calibration strategy
G. Sandell Calibration strategies at JCMT
I. Yamamura Calibration plan of the ASTRO-F Mission
J.M. Lamarre Calibration of the Planck-HFI instrument: can it be used for Herschel?
B. Butler ALMA calibration strategy
A.M. Heras Herschel cross-calibration strategy
Plenary session
A.M. Heras Conclusions of splinter 4, future plans and closure