Chapter 19. Fixed Target and AOR Visualisation

Table of Contents

19.1. Visualisation Overview
19.2. Displaying and Manipulating Images
19.2.1. Image information
19.2.2. Image Control
19.2.3. Cursor Readout
19.2.4. Layer control and blinking images
19.2.5. Three-Colour Image Display
19.2.6. Current Fixed Target Overlay
19.2.7. Overlaying a Coordinate Grid
19.2.8. Overlaying a Catalogue
19.2.9. PACS Exposure Map Tool
19.3. Duplication checking with HSpot

19.1. Visualisation Overview

In this section, we describe the HSpot capabilities for visualising the sky at inertial target positions (Section 6.6, “Images Menu”). Moving target visualisation is discussed in Chapter 20, Moving Target Visualisation . Overlaying the area coverage of an AOR is discussed in Section, “ Overlaying AORs ”. Descriptions of the "Images and Overlays" menu functions are discussed in Section 6.6, “Images Menu” and Section 6.6.13, “ Overlays Menu ”. In this section, we walk through examples using HSpot's visualisation capabilities in planning your AOR.