Chapter 12. SPIRE AOTs

Table of Contents

12.1. SPIRE AOTs
12.2. SPIRE Photometer AOT
12.2.1. Small Map
12.2.2. Large Map
12.2.3. Point Source
12.3. SPIRE Spectrometer AOT
12.3.1. Pointing Mode
12.3.2. Image Sampling
12.3.3. Spectral Resolution
12.3.4. Raster Map Parameters
12.3.5. Repetition factor
12.3.6. Source Flux Estimates
12.3.7. Observation Time Estimation

12.1. SPIRE AOTs

The SPIRE AOTs are described in Chapter 4 of the SPIRE Observers' Manual, specific examples of observations and how to enter them into HSPOT are given at the end of that chapter.