Chapter 3. Hardware and Software Required to Use HSpot

Table of Contents

3.1. What screen resolution do I need to display HSpot?
3.2. Will HSpot run on my Windows machine?
3.3. What about Windows 8?
3.4. Other issues
3.5. What platforms has HSpot been intensively Acceptance Tested on?
3.6. Hardware Configurations Supporting HSpot
3.6.1. Sun Workstations: Sun Ultra 5 with 256 MB RAM
3.6.2. Windows PC (XP): 512MB RAM
3.6.3. Windows PC (Vista): 1GB RAM
3.6.4. Linux PC: 256 MB RAM
3.6.5. Mac PC: Intel Core 2 Duo processor
3.7. Operating System Configurations Supported
3.7.1. UNIX: Solaris 2.8+
3.7.2. Windows: XP
3.7.3. Windows: Vista
3.7.4. Windows: 7
3.7.5. Linux: RedHat 8.0, 9.0; Fedora Core; Enterprise
3.8. Mac: OS X
3.9. Summary of platforms and operating systems supported by HSpot

HSpot is written in the JAVA language and therefore requires a lot of memory and a fast processor in your computer. If you run HSpot on an old system with less memory or processor power than our minimum recommended configuration, the software may work, but it is likely to be slow, and you will probably see window redraw/refresh problems, or system hang-ups. While we suggest minimum hardware configurations, we recommend that users have more RAM (1 GB or above) and a fast processor if you plan on intensive use of the visualization features within HSpot. The minimum recommended hardware configurations are provided in the following section.

3.1. What screen resolution do I need to display HSpot?

Some problems have been found when displaying HSpot on old, low resolution screens. In particular, some text boxes may show truncated or distorted and some windows may go off the edge of the screen.

We recommend strongly that a screen resolution of at least 1026x768 be used. The higher resolutions of newer computers are preferable.