3.3. What about Windows 8?

Windows 8 was launched formally only a few months before the end of the mission, long after all Calls for Proposals had concluded. The impact of Windows 8 on HSpot use is expected to be small. However, it was noticed that the versions of InstallAnywhere used for HSpot builds up to HSpot 6.3 would not support Windows 8, giving the same error issues as had previously noted with Windows Vista (Section 3.2, “Will HSpot run on my Windows machine?”). Attempts to make an HSpot 7.0 release compatible with Windows 8 by upgrading the installer software from InstallAnywhere2010 to the latest InstallAnywhere2013 version have not been successful. We are actively persuing attempts to find an alternative solution.

Windows 8 is thus, at present, not a supported operating system.