3.7. Operating System Configurations Supported

Please read the Release Notes (packaged with the software or available on the web page) for more details on operating system issues, particularly with respect to window managers. The majority of the testing for this version of HSpot has been done under Linux, WindowsXP. We do not anticipate major problems with other versions of Windows. Additional testing has been done under Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.5.5. Apart from Mac, the versions of HSpot in this release come with JAVA 1.6 included in the installation.

3.7.1. UNIX: Solaris 2.8+

The software has been tested on Solaris 2.8. Links to required patches for Solaris to support JAVA better are listed on the Herschel web site where you download the HSpot software (http://herschel.esac.esa.int/). If you have problems with the way HSpot looks on your Solaris machine, it is highly likely that the problem is one of missing patches.

3.7.2. Windows: XP

The most extensive testing has been completed using WindowsXP. Due to the security measures for Windows, you may need system administration privileges for software installation.

3.7.3. Windows: Vista

HSpot has been adapted to Windows Vista

Due to the security measures for Windows, you may need system administration privileges for software installation. To allow auto-update under Windows Vista, use the right mouse button when clicking on the Spot icon, and select “Run as Administrator.” You can click on the icon and run HSpot normally thereafter.

3.7.4. Windows: 7

HSpot's installer works with Windows 7

No issues have been found with Windows 7 and no problems have been reported by users.

3.7.5. Linux: RedHat 8.0, 9.0; Fedora Core; Enterprise

HSpot on Linux runs acceptably on RedHat 8.0, 9.0. We tested each distribution "straight out of the box". We have run the GNOME windowing environment. We know that HSpot does NOT run properly with the fvwm2 window manager (all JAVA Swing programs appear to hang) or KDE. HSpot does appear to run OK with the older fvwm window manager, but testing has so far been cursory. HSpot also appears to run well under Fedora Core, although we have not yet fully tested.

Increasingly users have been finding installation problems on new, unsupported Linux platforms. The number of platorms involved is too great to support each individually, but a new installer was included in HSpot 6.2.0 that should resolve most of these issues.

Running KDE on Linux - Not recommended for HIFI users

A serious bug has been found when working with HIFI in HSpot with Linux SUSE 9.1 and the KDE window manager. This bug, which is in KDE, causes system crashes when windows are opened to define HIFI AORs.

Users are strongly recommended to use Gnome rather than KDE until the bug is fixed by KDE. At the time of the current version of the HSpot Manual this bug is still awaiting solution.