3.2. Will HSpot run on my Windows machine?

Initially, we discovered that there were problems installing HSpot on Vista machines. In technical terms, the jre did not install correctly, due to the version of the installer that is being used at the HSC not being compatible with Vista. The issues of installation were resolved and HSpot installs on all Windows machines (the same installer works for all Windows versions). No issues have been detected with Vista apart from some small issues with disk management that will not affect most users. The anticipated highly user-specific functionality problems due to the way that security is enabled in Vista did not materialise.

HSpot 4.2 was the first user release of HSpot that was formally supported on Windows Vista. Extensive use shows that the Windows installer works and HSpot runs with Windows 7 with no issues being detected, or reported by users.

Version-specific problems with new Windows releases, if detected, should be notified to the HSC via http://herschel.esac.esa.int/esupport/ in the usual way.