Chapter 17.  Proposal Submission Tool

Table of Contents

17.1. What it does
17.2. Proposal Submission Tool Main Window
17.2.1. File Menu
17.2.2. Open Proposal
17.2.3. Save Proposal
17.2.4. Save Proposal As...
17.2.5. Print Cover Sheet
17.2.6. Print Cover Sheet to File
17.2.7. Prepend Cover Sheet onto the Scientific Justification File
17.2.8. Clear
17.2.9. Close proposal window
17.3. Registration
17.4. Submit Menu
17.4.1. Submit proposal to Herschel Science Centre (HSC)
17.4.2. Update proposal at HSC
17.4.3. Retrieve Latest Proposal from HSC
17.4.4. Retrieve proposal documentation
17.5. Help
17.6. Add Co-Investigators
17.7. Modify Co-Investigators
17.8. Add Proposal Abstract
17.9. Add Scientific Justification File (Proposal PDF file)
17.10. Add Science Category Information
17.11. Add any Extra Text
17.12. The Final Stretch: Submitting the Proposal
17.12.1. The Prologue
17.12.2. Updating an Existing Proposal
17.12.3. Submitting a Herschel Observing Proposal: Review

17.1. What it does

The Proposal Submission Tool will allow you to submit all the necessary information to the HSC needed to process your science observing proposals. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to fill out the requested information. It can be entered, saved to local disk, and later modified if needed, as a "coversheet" (.cs) file. When you are ready to submit your proposal to the HSC you only need to ensure you are connected to the Internet, load a set of AORs into the AOR window, open the Proposal Submission Tool and open you coversheet file and click on Submit in the Proposal Submission Tool toolbar. Refer to the current Herschel Call for Proposals and website at for more information about creating and submitting your Herschel observing proposal.

There are some significant changes to the proposal submission process for the OT2 Call. Please make sure that you understand these changes properly, as they may impact your chances of obtaining time if not followed correctly.