Chapter 2. Known issues in HSpot and proposal handling

Table of Contents

2.1. General issues
2.2. Herschel Tools
2.2.1. Herschel Confusion Noise Estimator (HCNE) bugs
2.2.2. Herschel Reserved Observation Search Tool (HROST) bugs
2.3. Instrument AOT and AOR issues
2.3.1. PACS bugs
2.3.2. SPIRE bugs
2.3.3. HIFI bugs and issues
2.3.4. SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode bugs
2.4. On-line catalogues and display issues when preparing AORs
2.5. Proposal submission
2.6. Proposal handling system

The list below reflects the final state of HSpot. None of the issues detailed here should be more than a minor inconvenience to users,

2.1. General issues

  • On rare occasions HSpot may not install cleanly when upgrading from an older version. This can be manifested by the failure of certain HSpot applications, such as the reading in of AORs from disk on first opening a new version of HSpot.

    - Implication for user: Extremely disconcerting when experienced, but ultimately not serious as it has a simple fix. Probably due to old files remaining on disk after the update.

    - Recommended action: This will almost always be solved by closing down HSpot and re-opening the program. To avoid this issue completely, uninstall HSpot using the HSpot uninstaller and remove any remaining Herschel files and directories by hand by entering the Herschel directory on disk (see the HSpot Manual for details of where this is on different operating systems) and then install a new version.

  • HSpot will no longer install on older Macs without a dual core.

    HSpot versions from 4.2 require Java 1.6 with 64 bits. This release will only work on Macs with an operating system version of 10.5.1 or later. To be able to install OS 10.5.1 on Mac requires a dual-core machine rather than the older core-duo machines.

    Recommended action: Ensure that you have a dual core and that you have the latest Mac operating system installed. If you have an older core duo machine you will not be able to install Java 1.6 and thus not run HSpot 4.2 or later. The only solution is to buy a new computer!

  • There may be problems with editing constraints if an AOR within a constraint is renamed.

    - Implication for user: The AOR may become corrupted and uneditable.

    - Recommended action: This is a consequence of changing the default starting string of the AOR name (i.e. PSpec, HPoint, ...). We strongly recommend not renaming AORs within constraints after setting up the constraint or, you you need to do it, changing the termination of the identifier, e.g. PPhoto-0000 --> Photo-0000-M31_1.

    If you have done it inadvertantly and find that your AOR has been corrupted, it is possible to edit the XML file on disk with a text editor to restore it. In case of problems, contact Helpdesk describing carefully the steps that you carried out.

  • Numbers in HSpot do not follow the recommended IS0 31-0 standard. Users who are not familiar with the American system of commas to separate thousands and a decimal point should be wary when reading numbers that HSpot presents when you give an input.

    - Implication for user: The non-standard implementation offers ample scope for confusion and the possibility of users believing that HSpot has read their input incorrectly when, in fact, the input is correct.

    - Recommended action: Users are urged to take care when checking numbers entered in HSpot and to be aware of the possible confusion between the decimal point and the comma(s) separating thousands.