Chapter 14. SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode AOT

Table of Contents

14.1. Description
14.2. Details
14.2.1. PACS Blue channel filter selection
14.2.2. Scan Speed
14.2.3. Bright source settings
14.2.4. Large Map Parameters
14.2.5. Observation Time Estimation

14.1. Description

This is a special observing mode that is intended for large area photometric mapping using both PACS and SPIRE simultaneously covering 5 bands, the 3 SPIRE and plus the PACS Red and a choice of PACS blue channel making a total of 5 simultaneous bands that cover the full wavelength range of Herschel. This AOT, along with a cookbook guide with an example observation, is described in the SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode Observers' Manual.