Chapter 8.  Entering An Astronomical Observation Request (AOR)

Table of Contents

8.1. Start the HSpot software
8.2. Enter Target Information
8.3. Fill Out an Astronomical Observation Template
8.4. Unique AOR Label
8.5. Target Buttons
8.6. Observation Estimates
8.7. Other AOT Buttons
8.7.2. AOR Visibility
8.7.3. Save AORs

Creating an AOR for Herschel consists of entering targets that are individually linked to a desired Herschel observing mode or Astronomical Observation Template (AOT), and then obtaining a time estimate. The basic steps in completing an AOR are:

8.1.  Start the HSpot software

Launch HSpot by either clicking on the Herschel icon (Windows or Mac PC), or by running the program by typing "./HerschelSpot" from the directory where you have installed HSpot for UNIX or Linux installations.