8.4.  Unique AOR Label

The first field at the top of each AOT is the 'Unique AOR Label'. The contents of this field must be different for each AOR you enter. HSpot provides a default name (e.g., 'HPoint-0000' for the HIFI point source photometry templates). Normally you should find the default naming system perfectly adequate. If you prefer to personalise the names, you can use a naming system of your choice. You might include a project name or abbreviation with a number, or you can use something simple like numbers or letters. Do not use commas (,), full stops (.) or colons (:) in the AOR Label field. You may use alphanumeric characters (including spaces), the dash (-), and the underscore (_).

The use of certain characters such as commas in AOR labels may corrupt the HSC database and make your proposal unreadable. You should avoid using any punctuation characters in AOR labels that are not spaces ( ), the dash (-), and the underscore (_).

For user entered labels the limit is 57 characters. When you duplicate AORs HSpot may generate a longer label than this automatically but, if it exceeds 57 characters, you will not be able to modify the label unless you erase characters to reduce it to less than 57.