Chapter 4. Installing and Starting HSpot

Table of Contents

4.1. Windows Installation
4.2. Linux or Solaris Installation
4.3. Mac Installation
4.4. HSpot Automatic Update

With this, and any future releases that may be made, we provide HSpot via a downloadable installer script. HSpot should be installed on the computer where you want to run it. The start-up script is not configured to allow it to run on an X-terminal. You can run them across a Sparc network if it is installed on a disk that is NFS mounted across the network. The first step is to download the software from the HSC web page onto your hard disk ( If you have earlier versions of HSpot, you should be able to upgrade gracefully by installing the software in the same directory as your previous installation.

4.1. Windows Installation

After downloading the software Windows should run the installation manager directly if you have elected the "execute" option rather than saving the file to disk. If not, double-click on the HSpot_name_of_version_windows_Installer.exe file to install HSpot. Click on the HSpot icon to start the program.