4.2. Linux or Solaris Installation

To install HSpot on Linux systems do the following:

  1. Go to the software download page and select the Linux/Solaris version. Right click on it and save the link in your home directory.

  2. Go to the directory where you saved the install file. You must have write permission in this directory and should have at least 200 MB of free disk space.

  3. Open a terminal and type, in Linux:

    sh HSpot_name_of_version_linux_Installer.bin

    In Solaris, type:

    sh HSpot_name_of_version_solaris_Installer.bin

  4. Return and the installer will guide you through the process, including installing in a default directory in the disk (/home/username/HerschelSpot).

    If the installer asks you if you wish to create a link in the directory where you have installed HSpot, respond "no". Creating a link in the same directory will potentially cause an infinite regression loop and crash the installation process.

    If for any reason you wish to install in a different directory to the default then, when the script asks you for the directory name where you want to install HSpot, be sure to type the full directory path, e.g., /scr/user/my_hspot. Make sure the directories exist before you try to install it there. If you are in the directory /scr/user/ and just type "my_hspot", it will tell you that the directory name must start with a slash.

  5. When the installation is complete, click on "Done" in the installer window to close the installer.

  6. Type "./HerschelSpot" in the command window from the installation to launch the program.