3.6. Bugs removed in HSpot v3.1

3.6.1. Changes in HSpot v3.1

Release v3.1 has few changes that are visible to the user apart from the change in the method of Proposal Submission, which supresses two previously recorded bugs in the Proposal Submission process.

An important change is that the SkyView image option, which has had various interface problems with HSpot, has recently ceased functioning completely. Further details in Section 2.4.

3.6.2. Bugs removed in HSpot v3.1 Herschel Tools

Herschel Confusion Noise Estimator (HCNE) bugs
  • The Confusion noise estimation summary tables in HSpot contain swapped values for the "Confusion level for point sources" and "Confusion level per pixel" columns, i.e. the values displayed in the first and third columns are exchanged. The estimates otherwise up-to-date and conform with the latest v0.15 release of HCNE.

    Implication for the user: Confusion noise estimates per pixel and for a point source provide incorrect values, the error is typically within a factor of two.

    Recommended action: Please re-check your confusion limits especially for deep PACS and SPIRE exposures. You need to swap around the values displayed in the first and third columns until this bug is fixed.