3.5. Bugs removed in HSpot v3.4

3.5.1. Introduction

Release v3.4 has fixed several bugs that affect the handling of constrained observations, particularly concatenated and follow-up observations.

The bugs with SPIRE spectroscopy have also been fixed.

3.5.2. General Bugs fixed

  • Timing information is lost when concatenated AORs are saved to disk and then recovered.

    This problem and the ones that follow immediately below all seem to be related and due to a problem in the way that the links to concatenations are stored to disk by HSpot.

    - Implication for user: When an AOR file is saved and recovered the time estimates for all concatenated AORs are lost and must be recalculated.

    - Recommended action: This problem has no solution at present other than to recalculate the times for all out of date AORs. Only concatenated AORs are affected, so it is not necessary to recalculate for all AORs.

  • If a constraint has been defined, the time estimate will change to out of date if the constraint editor is opened to view the constraint, even if no changes are made in the constraint and the user cancels out of constraint editor.

    This bug is not present in Solaris. It is present in Mac and Windows and, to a lesser degree (i.e. for some reason fewer AORs get declared out of date), in Linux.

    - Implication for user: This is an annoyance rather than a serious bug.

    - Recommended action: Ensure that your time estimates are up to date before proposal submission if you have opened the constraint editor at any point, otherwise the total time displayed by HSpot will be out of date.

3.5.3. SPIRE Spectroscopy Bugs fixed

  • Certain sequences of events can lead to Continuum Estimates going missing when reopening the Source Flux Estimates panel.

    - Implication for user: Values are not always displayed in the window effects displaying the values and they are not always used in Time Estimation, however they are not lost from memory.

    - Recommended action: To get back your estimates press cancel in the Source Flux Estimates window. Then press cancel on the AOR window. Now reopen your AOR and the Source Flux Estimates, you should see that they are displayed again.

  • Certain sequence of events can lead to default values not being set correctly when changing between "High and Low" resolution and other resolutions.

    - Implication for user: When you change resolutions the default value might not be displayed.

    - Recommended action: Always check the values of parameters when you change settings, do not trust that the usual values will appear, this is good practice anyway.