Chapter 10.  Astronomical Observation Templates (AOTs)

Table of Contents

10.1. Introduction
10.2. Unique AOR labels
10.3. Startracker information
10.4. Target
10.5. Position angle and chopper avoidance
10.6. Time required for time estimation

10.1. Introduction

The appropriate Herschel Instrument Manual is your primary reference for information about using the Herschel instruments and selecting appropriate AOT parameters. We provide some additional information for the individual AOTs in the following chapters.

Note that target entry and naming conventions have communality, whatever instrument you choose to use. These are described briefly here.


Please note that in-flight information is leading to some occasionally very extensive changes in observing modes in all three instruments; in particular, some observing modes have now been deprecated for use in HSpot (for PACS, no less than 6, which have been replaced by new options). A very detailed update of the instrument-specific chapters has been prepared by the HSC Instrument and Calibration Scientist Team. When in doubt, please raise a ticket in Helpdesk with the instrument team for the most up-to-date information, as this may still be subject to further updates as new tests are carried out and final fine-tuning occurs.