Presenter(s) Title
Sandell, G. et al Optimal Flux Estimation for Mispointed PACS Observations
Hopwood, R. Telescope Model Updates
Fulton, T. Derivation of SPIRE spectroscopy RSRFs
Makiwa, G. and Naylor, D. SPIRE Spectrometer Beam Profile
Sidher, S. Diurnal Variations of Mars?
Pearson, C. Comparison of Source Extraction Methods
North, C. Spire Beams and Extended Sources
Kidger, M., Sanchez-Portal, M. & Glover, A. The effects of solar cycle 24 on Herschel
Kidger, M., Sanchez-Portal, M. & Glover, A. Time Variability of of HIFI and SPIRE SEUs
Lu, N. Fringes in SPIRE FTS Spectra and How You Can Get Rid of Them
Kiss, C. Optimized PACS photometer observing and data reduction strategies for moving solar system targets
Valtchanov, I. et al Relative pointing offset analysis of FTS calibration targets with repeated observations
Avruch, I. HEB standing wave removal from HIFI band 6 and 7 data
Kiss, C. et al boloSource() source extraction from the Herschel/PACS timeline
Kiss, C. et al PACS photometer calibration block analysis
Muller, M. HIFI diplexer calibration