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SPIRE Documents inventory

Using the following sections

  • General instrument information (gen)
  • Performance and calibration (cal)
  • Data processing and analysis (dp)
  • Other (other)

And the following levels:

  • Level-1, must-read documents in order to understand SPIRE and the products
  • Level-2, useful document
  • Level-3, technical documents/reports on different topics, also historical documents

Selection in ADS with:

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Abstract: keywords combined with AND: instrumentation, instrument, space

Level Title Topic Autors Date ADS DOI COMMENT
L1 Systematic characterization of the Herschel SPIRE Fourier Transform Spectrometer cal Hopwood et al. 2015 2015MNRAS.449.2274H 10.1093/mnras/stv353  
L2 In-orbit performance of the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer: lessons learned cal Naylor et al. 2014 2014SPIE.9143E..2DN 10.1117/12.2054989  
L2 Herschel SPIRE FTS spectral mapping calibration cal Benielli et al. 2014 2014ExA....37..357B 10.1007/s10686-013-9367-9  
L2 Herschel SPIRE fourier transform spectrometer: calibration of its bright-source mode cal Lu et al. 2014 2014ExA....37..239L 10.1007/s10686-013-9359-9  
L2 SPIRE point source photometry: within the Herschel interactive processing environment (HIPE) dp Pearson et al. 2014 2014ExA....37..175P 10.1007/s10686-013-9351-4  
L1 Calibration of the Herschel SPIRE Fourier Transform Spectrometer cal Swinyard et al. 2014 2014MNRAS.440.3658S 10.1093/mnras/stu409  
L1 Flux calibration of broad-band far-infrared and submillimetre photometric instruments: theory and application to Herschel-SPIRE cal Griffin et al. 2013 2013MNRAS.434..992G 10.1093/mnras/stt999  
L1 Flux calibration of the Herschel-SPIRE photometer cal Bendo et al. 2013 2013MNRAS.433.3062B 10.1093/mnras/stt948  
L1 Observing extended sources with the Herschel SPIRE Fourier Transform Spectrometer cal Wu et al. 2013 2013A&A...556A.116W 10.1051/0004-6361/201321837  
L2 Beam profile for the Herschel-SPIRE Fourier transform spectrometer cal Makiwa et al. 2013 2013ApOpt..52.3864M 10.1364/AO.52.003864  
L3 In-flight characterisation of Herschel-SPIRE optical performances cal Ferlet 2010 2010SPIE.7731E..35F 10.1117/12.857060  
L3 The data processing pipelines for the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer dp Fulton et al. 2010 2010SPIE.7731E..34F 10.1117/12.858282  
L3 In-orbit performance of the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer cal Naylor et al. 2010 2010SPIE.7731E..16N 10.1117/12.856299  
L3 The Herschel-SPIRE submillimetre spectrum of Mars cal Swinyard et al. 2010 2010A&A...518L.151S 10.1051/0004-6361/201014717  
L2 HerMES: The SPIRE confusion limit cal Nguyen et al. 2010 2010A&A...518L...5N 10.1051/0004-6361/201014680  
L3 In-flight calibration of the Herschel-SPIRE instrument cal Swinyard et al. 2010 2010A&A...518L...4S 10.1051/0004-6361/201014605  
L3 The Herschel-SPIRE instrument and its in-flight performance cal Griffin et al. 2010 2010A&A...518L...3G 10.1051/0004-6361/201014519  
L3 SPS: a software simulator for the Herschel-SPIRE photometer dp Sibthorpe, Chanial, & Griffin 2009 2009A&A...503..625S 10.1051/0004-6361/200911724  
L3 On the extraction of extended structure from Herschel-SPIRE scanning observations in the presence of 1/f noise dp Sibthorpe, Chanial, Waskett, & Griffin 2008 2008MNRAS.388.1787S 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2008.13517.x  
  Understanding the Herschel-SPIRE bolometers   Woodcraft et al. 2008 2008SPIE.7020E..0FW 10.1117/12.788789  
  Characterisation of Herschel-SPIRE flight model optical performances   Ferlet et al. 2008 2008SPIE.7010E..2UF 10.1117/12.788888  
  The data processing pipeline for the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer   Fulton et al. 2008 2008SPIE.7010E..2TF 10.1117/12.789850  
  Performance evaluation of the Herschel/SPIRE instrument flight model imaging Fourier transform spectrometer   Spencer et al. 2008 2008SPIE.7010E..08S 10.1117/12.788098  
  Determining the optimum scan map strategy for Herschel-SPIRE using the SPIRE photometer simulator   Waskett, Sibthorpe, Griffin, & Chanial 2007 2007MNRAS.381.1583W 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.12327.x  
  The Herschel SPIRE instrument and its capabilities for extragalactic astronomy   Spire Consortium et al. 2007 2007AdSpR..40..612S 10.1016/j.asr.2007.03.032  
  The Herschel-SPIRE instrument and its capabilities for extragalactic astronomy   Griffin et al. 2007 2007AdSpR..40..612G 10.1016/j.asr.2007.03.032  
  Extragalactic Science with Herschel-SPIRE   Griffin et al. 2006    
  A report on laboratory performance of the bolometric detector arrays for SPIRE/HSO: Part II   Nguyen et al. 2006 2006SPIE.6275E..18N 10.1117/12.672310  
  Performance of flight-model on-board calibration sources on Herschel-SPIRE   Hargrave, Waskett, Lim, & Swinyard 2006 2006SPIE.6275E..14H 10.1117/12.673197  
  Optimum observing modes for the Herschel/SPIRE photometer system   Sibthorpe, Waskett, & Griffin 2006 2006SPIE.6270E..19S 10.1117/12.671153  
  Performance evaluation of the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer   Naylor et al. 2006 2006SPIE.6265E..30N 10.1117/12.671747  
  A comparison of the theoretical and measured performance of the Herschel/SPIRE imaging Fourier transform spectrometer   Spencer, Naylor, & Swinyard 2006 2006SPIE.6265E..2ZS 10.1117/12.671565  
  Preliminary results from Herschel-SPIRE flight instrument testing   Lim et al. 2006 2006SPIE.6265E..0FL 10.1117/12.672752  
  Optical performance characterization of HERSCHEL/SPIRE   Swinyard et al. 2006 2006SPIE.6265E..0ES 10.1117/12.671452  
  Herschel-SPIRE: design, performance, and scientific capabilities   Griffin et al. 2006 2006SPIE.6265E..0AG 10.1117/12.670783  
  The Hershel-SPIRE Instrument and its Scientific Capabilities   Griffin, Swinyard, Vigroux, & Herschel-SPIRE Instrument Consortium Collaboration 2005 2005AAS...207.3505G    
  Herschel/SPIRE: Mission Overview and Canadian Contribution   Naylor et al. 2005 2005JRASC..99..131N    
  The Herschel-SPIRE instrument   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2005 2005ESASP.577...17G    
  Spectral characterization of the Herschel SPIRE photometer   Spencer 2005 2005MsT..........1S    
  A report on the laboratory performance of the spectroscopic detector arrays for SPIRE/HSO   Nguyen et al. 2004 2004SPIE.5498..196N 10.1117/12.548974  
  A Fourier transform spectrometer for ground testing of the Herschel/SPIRE instrument   Spencer et al. 2004 2004SPIE.5487..501S 10.1117/12.551784  
  A software simulator for the Herschel-SPIRE imaging photometer   Sibthorpe, Woodcraft, Griffin, & Watkin 2004 2004SPIE.5487..491S 10.1117/12.550363  
  First results from Herschel-SPIRE performance tests   Lim et al. 2004 2004SPIE.5487..460L 10.1117/12.551684  
  Optical alignment verification of the Herschel-SPIRE instrument   Dohlen, Origne, & Ferlet 2004 2004SPIE.5487..448D 10.1117/12.551128  
  The Herschel-SPIRE instrument   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2004 2004SPIE.5487..413G 10.1117/12.552695  
  SPIRE: Herschel's Imaging Photometer and Spectrometer   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2004 2004AAS...204.9303G    
  Extragalactic Surveys with SPIRE   Glenn, Bock, & Oliver 2004 2004AAS...204.8103G    
  SPIRE - Herschel's Submillimetre Camera and Spectrometer   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2003 2003SPIE.4850..686G    
  SPIRE beam steering mirror: a cryogenic 2 axis mechanism for the Herschel Space Observatory   Pain et al. 2003 2003SPIE.4850..619P    
  Design and performance of feedhorn-coupled bolometer arrays for SPIRE   Rownd et al. 2003 2003SPIE.4855..510R 10.1117/12.459372  
  The SPIRE Instrument for Herschel   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2001 2001ESASP.460...37G    
  SPIRE instrument for FIRST   Griffin, Swinyard, & Vigroux 2000 2000SPIE.4013..184G    
  Optical design of the SPIRE instrument for FIRST   Dohlen, Origne, Pouliquen, & Swinyard 2000 2000SPIE.4013..119D    
  Modeling the affect of multiple beam clipping in FIR and submillimeter instrumentation: ISO-LWS and FIRST-SPIRE   Caldwell, Swinyard, & Gray 1998 1998SPIE.3426..313C    
  SPIRE: a bolometer instrument for FIRST   Griffin, Vigroux, & Swinyard 1998 1998SPIE.3357..404G    
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