SPIRE Calibration Product Details

The following tables give details of each SPIRE calibration product. The link in the first column goes to a technical note describing the derivation of the contents of each calibration product. Note that this page is a work in progress!

Photometer Calibration Products

Name (& link to document) Product Description Dependency Info
SCalPhotApertureEfficiency Photometer Aperture Efficiency    
SCalPhotBeamProf Photometer Beam Profiles arrayName  
SCalPhotBolPar Bolometer Parameter Table    
SCalPhotBsmOps BSM Operations Table time  
SCalPhotBsmPos BSM Position Table    
SCalPhotChanMask Channel Mask Table time  
SCalPhotChanGain Channel Gain Table    
SCalPhotChanNoise Detector Noise Spectrum biasMode, time  
SCalPhotChanNum Channel Number Mapping Table    
SCalPhotChanRelGain Channel Relative Gains Table    
SCalPhotChanTimeConst Channel Time Constants    
SCalPhotChanTimeOff Channel Time Offset Table    
SCalPhotColorCorrAperture Aperture Correction Product apertureCorrectionType  
SCalPhotColorCorrBeam Beam corrections with spectral index and temperature    
SCalPhotColorCorrHfi SPIRE-Planck HFI cross-calibration colour correction    
SCalPhotColorCorrK Colour Correction Product source type  
SCalPhotDetAngOff Detector Angular Offset Table aperture  
SCalPhotElecCross Electrical Crosstalk Matrix    
SCalPhotFluxConv Flux Conversion and Non-linearity Correction Coefficients biasMode, time  
SCalPhotInstModeMask Instrument Mode Mask Table time  
SCalPhotLpfPar Low Pass Filter Parameter Table    
SCalPhotOptCross Optical Crosstalk Matrix    
SCalPhotPcalModel PCAL Response Model    
SCalPhotRadialBeamCorr Beam correction product    
SCalPhotRsrf Photometer RSRF    
SCalTelemMask Telemetry Mask Table time  
SCalPhotTempDriftCorr Temperature Drift Correction Coefficients biasMode, time  

Spectrometer Calibration Products

Name (& link to document) Product DescriptionSorted ascending Dependency Info
SCalSpecPhaseCorrLim Band Limits for Phase Correction    
SCalSpecBolPar Bolometer Parameter Table    
SCalSpecBolPhase Bolometer Phase Table time  
SCalSpecBrightGain Bright Mode Gain Table time  
SCalSpecBsmOps BSM Operations Table time  
SCalSpecBsmPos BSM Position Table    
SCalSpecChanGain Channel Gain Table    
SCalSpecChanMask Channel Mask Table time  
SCalSpecChanNum Channel Number Mapping Table    
SCalSpecChanTimeConst Channel Time Constants    
SCalSpecChanTimeOff Channel Time Offset Table    
SCalSpecDetAngOff Detector Angular Offset Table aperture  
SCalSpecElecCross Electrical Crosstalk Matrix    
SCalSpecOpdLimits Interferogram OPD Limits    
SCalSpecLpfPar Low Pass Filter Parameter Table    
SCalSpecNonLinCorr Non-linearity Correction Coefficients biasMode, time  
SCalSpecOptCross Optical Crosstalk Matrix    
SCalSpecSmecZpd Optical Encoder and LVDT DC at ZPD time  
SCalSpecPcalModel PCAL Response Model    
SCalSpecSmecStepFactor SMEC Step Factor to convert from MPD to OPD    
SCalSpecBandEdge Spectral Band Edges    
SCalSpecBeamParam Spectrometer Beam Parameters & Point source flux conversion res, apod, biasMode, time  
SCalSpecBeamProf Spectrometer Beam Profiles arrayName  
SCalSpecInstRsrf Spectrometer Instrument RSRF res, apod, biasMode, time  
SCalSpecTeleRsrf Spectrometer Telescope RSRF jiggId, res, apod, biasMode, time  
SCalTelemMask Telemetry Mask Table time  
SCalSpecTeleModel Telescope Model Coefficients    
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