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Changes between HIPE 9.0 and 9.1


Spectrum Explorer and Cube Toolbox

  • Restored the display of average spectrum and mouse range selection of the integrateSpectralMap task in the Spectrum Explorer.
  • Reintroduced the vertical cross-hair into the preview for cube display in the Spectrum Explorer.
  • When extracting spectra in the Cube Toolbox, the commands echoed to the Console view now reflect more accurately the actions in the graphical interface.
  • Fixed an issue with Cube Toolbox tasks that would cause some cube datasets not to be propagated to the output.
  • More intuitive icon for panning in the data selection panel of the Spectrum Explorer when opened on a cube.
  • The Cube Selection Panel in the Spectrum Explorer now removes displayed spectra when a tab is removed.
  • When selecting the pixels under a line in the computePVMap task of the Cube Toolbox, the startRow and endCol values are now updated automatically.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent pair-wise multiply/divide/add/subtract from working in the Spectrum Toolbox.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from extracting spectra in the Spectrum Explorer after baseline subtraction. The problem appeared only if the data had been processed through the background normalization method, not the standard chop-nod rsrf method.

Other tasks

  • The getObservation task now returns the observation with highest URN in case a parallel mode observation is queried without specifying the instrument.
  • Fixed an issue in the cropCube task that prevented it from working with HIFI LSB cubes.
  • Fixed an issue that would severely reduce the performance of the imageConvolution task with NaN values in the data.


  • Fixed several broken links and updated many images in the documentation.
  • Further updates to the spectral cubes chapter in the Data Analysis Guide.
  • Added a worked example for a simple case of baseline fitting to the Spectrum Fitting chapter in the Data Analysis Guide.
  • New section in the Data Analysis Guide on exporting a spectrum to an ASCII file.
  • Improvements in User's Reference Manual entries for cube toolbox tools.

Other issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused MyHSA to handle on-demand tar files incorrectly.
  • Introduced improved pointing products, see http://herschel.esac.esa.int/twiki/bin/view/Public/HowToUseImprovedPointingProducts
  • Updated the Calibration Source Database with Uranus ESA4 model from Glenn Orton.
  • Improvements in the incremental search of metadata in the Editor view.
  • Fixed an issue with AOR label parsing that would prevent the retrieval of some observations from the archive.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent part of the housekeeping telemetry from being recorded in the observation context for some observations.


  • Introduced quality flag for erroneous scan counts in calibration data-frames.
  • Option for side-band gain correction in default pipeline to level 2.5 changed to GAIN_FIT_OFF_USE_PRESET.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the doAvg task to remove the ra_centre and dec_centre columns.
  • The doAvg task now honours the RowMask.IGNORE_DATA and HifiMask.IGNORE_DATA flags.
  • Fixed spurious appearances of quality flag about improper chopper voltage.
  • Fixed false positives caused by the quality control algorithm for diplexer current violation.
  • Several new parameters added to the doFilterLoads task.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the fitHifiFringe task to crash in some occasions when using the LINE and BRIGHT_LINE channels flags.
  • Fixed imperfect bandpass calibration due to intermittent total power jumps in science frames.
  • Fixed a significant performance penalty when running a pipeline twice in the same session.
  • Format of HifiUplinkProduct changed to a single table dataset.
  • Fixed incorrect value of the calVersion metadata.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the HIFI pipeline to fail to produce HRS after Level 0.5 in HEB-band Fcal mode.
  • Documented the process of sending HIFI spectra to VO tools.


  • Added non-linearity correction to the standard PACS photometer pipeline.
  • Fixed a crash in the maskLines task. The task would crash when specifying a line list without setting the rebinnedCube parameter.
  • Improved the creation of Level 2.5 products.
  • Fixed an issue in the PACS extensions of the Spectrum Explorer. The issue would cause HIPE to hang when pressing the (De)activate button in the mask panel.
  • The copy method of the PacsRebinnedCube class now copies correctly the WCS.
  • Improved the performance of the photNonLinearityCorrection task.
  • The wavelengthGrid task now works with standardGrid = True as default.
  • Fixed an issue with the photArtifactCorrector module to correct for MADmap point source artifacts. The module would scale fluxes improperly.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the L05_L25_scanMapMadMap.py script.
  • The convertL1ToScanam now allows you to select the output directory and name of the output file for the exported FITS file.
  • Fixed a regression with respect to HIPE 8.3 that would prevent the creation of Level-2.5 products for some observations.
  • Fixed a regression with respect to HIPE 8.3. Point source artifact correction was not applied in MadMap.
  • Fixed a problem with the mosaic task that would result in wrong combined PACS-P maps.
  • Fixed wrong unit in the proper motion metadata.
  • Updates to the Spectrometer Data Reduction Guide.
  • Updates to the Photometer Data Reduction Guide. Removed duplicated content.


  • Fixed an increase in memory usage by pipelines.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the destriper to produce heavily striped maps, especially for regions with high dynamic range (e.g. galactic fields).
  • Improved the FTS footprint script to ensure precise overlay.
  • Quality control flags previously using wavenumbers now use GHz.
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