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Changes between HIPE 8.0.1 and 8.1


  • Fixed a problem that would cause the Product Browser to become unresponsive after deleting pools from the Preferences dialogue window.
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent the Running jobs panel from appearing when clicking the icon in the HIPE status bar.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause metadata descriptions of parameters coming from HSPOT to be truncated.
  • Fixed a problem in the Spectrum Explorer that would cause dataset numbers to be mixed up with spectra plotted in raster mode.
  • Greatly improved the performance of the getItemAtTime method of the OrbitEphemerisProduct.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause a fit with fixed limits to fail.
  • New input parameter flags in FitFringe. This is a list of all long-integer flag values for which the data should be ignored. Each long-integer value can include multiple flag bit values (for instance, flags=48 means data points with flag values of 32 (bit 5) and 16 (bit 4) should be ignored).
  • The asciiTableWriter task now adds by default a header with column names, data types, units and descriptions, when available.
  • Fixed a problem with the aperture photometry. If the centre of aperture photometry was placed right on a pixel edge, the photometry would drop by the value of one of the two central pixels. If the centre was placed on a corner between four pixels it would drops further, by the amount of two pixels adjacent to this corner
  • Fixed a problem that would cause velocity maps created with the Cube Spectrum Analysis Toolbox to have more spuriously fit pixels than expected.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the line intensity map feature of the Cube Spectrum Analysis Toolbox to crash with SPIRE FTS data.
  • Additional axis frequency in the Spectrum Explorer renamed to Intermediate Frequency.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause baseline fitting in the Line intensity map application to fail.
  • Added new ACMS telemetry auxiliary product.
  • Updates to some Data Analysis Guide sections about data exchange with text files.
  • Added information on inspecting fit results to the Spectrum Fitter section of the Data Analysis Guide.
  • Updated the section on saving a product to FITS in the Data Analysis Guide.
  • Improved the organisation of Section 1.5 of the Data Analysis Guide, on retrieving and saving parts of an observation.
  • Fixed wrong screenshot in the Inspecting products section of the HIPE Owner's Guide.
  • Updated the Virtual Observatory section of the Data Analysis Guide. Mentioned support for SAOImage DS9.
  • Added the location of the logging.properties file for Mac OS X to the HIPE Owner's Guide.
  • Fixed broken link in the Flagging saturated pixels section of the Data Analysis Guide.


  • Fixed a problem that would cause the HSA HIFI browse products to have their USB and/or LSB frequency axes wrong.
  • Fixed wrong sign and scale in HIFI velocity maps created with the Cube Spectrum Analysis Toolbox.
  • The doDeconvolution task, when asked to check for and ignore data containing spurs (instrument spikes), will also check for regions containing historical spurs, thus providing additional caution.
  • Corrected the RMS formula for the gain dispersion calculation in the deconvolution task.
  • Improved handling of pipeline flags in fitHifiFringe. Some flags are always honoured, while others can be selected by the user with the new flags input parameter.
  • fitHifiFringe now treats user-defined LINE and BRIGHT_LINE flags (introduced in HIPE 8.0) as line masks.
  • Fixed a problem in patched pipeline configurations (such as with FastDBS modes) that would cause the PipelineConfiguration.getConfig method to return the patch (extension of PipelineConfiguration) as included in the registry and not a copy. Once users modified the params for FastDBS modes (the only case where patches apply currently) and applied it to one observation explicitly, it would also apply implicitly to other FastDBS modes run thereafter within the same HIPE session.
  • The non-interactive mode in fitBaseline is now truly non-interactive. For line mask definition, fitBaseline has to be started in interactive mode (the default).
  • In interactive mode with domask=0, the non-stop and quit buttons now have the correction function.
  • Updated IF_saturation entries in the calibration tree.
  • The doGridding task now uses the Mapping AOT parameters describing the actual scan line and readout arrangement.
  • Fixed a problem in flagTool that would cause a SPUR_CANDIDATE flag to be applied irrespective of the mask (line or spur) defined to flag the data.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the HIFI sequencer to crash when trying to time estimate AORs in HSpot 6.1.0 built over HCSS 8.0.0.
  • Updated the Data Reduction Guide to include changes to the fitBaseline task.


  • Various improvements in the usability of many tasks (compliant names, descriptions, parameter validators, URM entries and so on).
  • Fixed errors in several user pipeline scripts
  • Reduced memory footprint by filtering the initial slew to the target before running the deglitching task.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the pipeline for range spectroscopy observations to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the mapDeglitch task to fail for small maps.
  • Improved the PACS spectrometer browse product: flux is given in Jy/pixel and SED observations show both bands.
  • Fixed problems that could prevent the browse product from being created, or could lead to an incorrect browse product.
  • Corrected the slicing in the blue band for the PacsRangeSpec observing mode.
  • Reduced the number of warnings shown by the PacsRebinnedCube product about the deprecated waveGrid dataset.
  • Improved the way the on-off subtraction is performed in the unchopped line scan pipeline.
  • Removed misleading spaxel shape from the slicedPlotPointing task result.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the selectSlices task to return always a ListContext, even if the input was a SlicedPacsProduct, like SlicedPacsRebinnedCube.
  • Fixed a crash of the photFlagSaturation task in the L1_scanMapPhotProject.py pipeline script.
  • The wavelength keyword is now included in Leve 2.5 map products.
  • The new task photMaskCrosstalk is now used in interactive pipeline scripts.
  • Fixed a parameter validator in the convertPacsProduct2SimpleSpectrum task.


  • Modified the user photometer pipeline scripts (small, large and parallel) to use the new adaptive masking option. The waveletDeglitcher line now has the options optionReconstruction='linearAdaptive20' and reconstructionPointsAfter=3.
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to incorrect output in the spireProduct2SimpleSpectrum task.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause some cube metadata to disappear after calling spireProjection with projectionType set to 'gridding'.
  • Switched off the level 2 deglitched in the destriper. The destriper created holes in maps because the standard deviation was not calculated on a per-skybin basis. This problem is going to be fixed in HIPE 9.0.
  • Reduced the number of "wrong baseline" flages raised by the baselineCorrection task.
  • Changed the outOfBandHighRatioSSW quality flag upper limit from 0.005 to 0.00832 (mean of earlier data plus three standard deviations).
  • Added new calibration products to the Product Definitions Document: SCalPhotChanRelGain, SCalSpecBolPhase, SCalSpecBrightGain and SCalSpecNomPcal. Updated the description of SCalSpecBeamParam
  • Updated the beam areas in Section 5.7 of the Data Reduction Guide.
  • Many other updates to the Data Reduction Guide and the Pipeline Specification Manual.
  • Fixed many broken links from URM entries to the Pipeline Specification Manual.
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