What's new in HIPE 10

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See also the HIPE known issues and the Data products known issues pages for last-minute information on known problems.






Java version

  • HIPE 10.0 was built and tested against the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6.0_37.
  • User releases for Windows and Linux already include the correct Java version.
  • Developer releases and user releases for Mac do not include Java. You must ensure that you have a compatible version of Java installed on your system.
  • If the minor version of your installed Java is different from the recommended one (for instance, 1.6.0_35 instead of 1.6.0_37) HIPE prints a warning in the command line window from which it was started. Minor version differences are unlikely to cause problems, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • If the major version of your installed Java is different (for instance, 1.5.0 instead of 1.6.0) HIPE shows a warning in a dialogue window at startup. Major version differences are very likely to cause problems. We do not recommend that you try to run HIPE 10.0 with a Java version other than 1.6.0.

Core system


  • The maximum memory value shown in the memory bar now reflects more accurately the actual memory available to HIPE. This value can vary slightly during a HIPE session.




Dataset viewer

Astronomical utilities

  • New package herschel.ia.toolbox.astro.healpix (based on JPL Healpix Java library)
  • Healpix interpolation functionality
  • radialV task: removed corrections parameter (enum), replaced with correct (String).

Numeric routines

Data fitting

Data interpolation

Random numbers


Trend analysis


Other functions

Source extraction



  • Image Display uses less memory and is a lot faster. It is now possible to display large image without the need for an enormous amount of memory.
  • It is possible to set the standard cut levels which should be used in the preference panel.





Data cubes



Herschel Science Archive

It is now possible to send the results of a query in the HSA User Interface directly to HIPE. The results will appear as TableDataset, allowing one to use the geometric search in the HSA UI (for instance), and directly use the result in a script, or save it to disk.

Calibration sources

Products and datasets

Observation context

Product Access

The "Save Product to Pool" view used to require that Enter was pressed after entering a tag to use when saving the product. This is now longer necessary. User friendliness of the view is also improved by providing direct user feedback when a tag is entered that is not valid, by coloring the cell red as you type.

Product Browser

Usability improvements. The selection of which pools to query is now more user-friendly, and right-click menus for certain actions on pools have been implemented. New pools can be created directly from the Product Browser by right-clicking, and local pools can be moved, renamed, deleted, etc.


  • Speed-up of the registration and initialization of tasks. Tasks no longer create a default GUI (in Views). If needed, this GUI will be created on demand. This can speed up start-up time of hcss.dp.core by 20%.
  • Task Preferences
    • Preference to detect data retention in task parameters: when you reclaim memory via the "dustbin" button, tasks are checked to see if their parameters have data. You can then select which tasks to reset.
  • The system will now issue a warning if a task has apparently completed to 100% and more than 3 seconds pass before it has really completed execution (it detects tasks that "lie" about their completion status).
  • Task GUIs Help button will fall-back to on-line documentation if local documentation is not available.
  • Improved (updated) the information provided from tasks in the console (deprecated features and errors in tasks)
  • pause & resume are no longer tasks but just plain functions. They appear documented in the UM (they were in the URM before).
  • open* (Task, View, File) tasks open a confirmation dialogue if they fail to execute.
  • You can ask for a list with all outputs when you call a task passing __list__=True as an argument (in beta, may be removed, experimental): out, out2, out3 = taskName(arg1, ..., argN, __list__=True)
  • For Jython task developers: the following wrappers (decorators) have been added to support working with the EDT: execLater, execAndWait (similar to the SwingUtils functions). An example is provided in the source of ia_task tests (TestTaskForViewsEdt.py)

Quality control

Systematic product generation

Data input-output

  • poolDataReader , poolDataWriter, loadObs, downObs and localStoreWriter removed : saveProduct and MyHSA (getObservation) contain a superset of their features.
  • Tables
    • asciiTableReader task improvements:
      • Documentation: More examples, better tooltips and manual page (URM)
      • added more values to tableType : IPAC, SExtractor. SPACES now also reads TopCat ASCII Format
      • Better support for table header reading
    • New task sortTable will return a new table where rows have been sorted according to user criteria
  • FITS
    • fitsReader and simpleFitsReader 's type parameters can now accept strings (not just Java enum values).
    • Import View will check and ask for confirmation if the expected memory needs exceed the available memory

Virtual Observatory

  • Improved stability when sending data (on some platforms, sending data from within observations could cause problems, due to quotes being included in the name of an intermediate file).
  • Fix issues with WebStart applications (such as Aladin, HSA User Interface): Problems starting the applications on Windows XP, problems with automatic log-in.




HIFI Software Configuration and Properties

HIFI Calibration

HIFI Pipeline

hifiPipeline task

Level 0 Pipeline

WBS Pipeline

HRS Pipeline

Level 1 Pipeline

Level 2 Pipeline

Level 2.5 Pipeline

HIFI Products

HIFI Spectrum Toolbox

Spectrum Explorer (HIFI specifics)

Spectrum tasks (HIFI specifics)

HIFI Data Processing Tools

Standing Wave Removal

Baseline Removal


Spectral Cube creation


HiClass export tool









Analysis tools



Product changes





Spire Dataset

  • New =DestriperDiagnosticProduct is added.

Calibration Products

Calibration Framework


  • The Pcal products now have correctly filled in metadata.

Engineering Conversion

Common Pipeline

  • SigmaKappaDeglitcherTask
    • Added a diagnosticDetector task parameter for diagnostic purpose
    • All the long task parameters are shortened
    • The parameter types for detectGlitches, detectLargeGl and repairGlitches parameters are changed to Boolean.

Photometer Pipeline

  • New zeroPointCorrection task for cross-calibration with Planck HFI maps. This can only be run at the HSC until the HFI maps are made public. The output maps are included in the Level-2 context.
  • New ssoMotionCorrection task to produce modified Level-1 timelines adjusted to the reference frame of the moving object. Additional maps are created from this timeline and included in the Level-2 context.

  • DestriperTask
    • Added the minVel, maxVel, chanNoise and method task parameters to be in synch with naive mapper.
    • Added useOnlyMasks and ignoreDefaultMasks task parameters in synch with map mapper.
    • Added jumpThresh and jumpIter task parameters for jump detections.
    • Two second level deglitch algorithms are added, sigma-kappa and two sigmas
    • The startParameters type changed to DestriperDiagnosticProduct.
    • The meta data in startParameters has been changed to include all requirement meta keywords.

  • SpireMaskEditor
    • SpireMaskEditor is deleted
    • Level1SpireMaskEditor is added to display/edit mask flags for Level1 data
    • Level0_5SpireMaskEditor is added to display/edit mask flags for Level0_5 data

Spectrometer Pipeline

Interactive Analysis and Tools


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