HIPE Plug-ins

This page lists some plug-ins currently available for HIPE.

ALERT! The plug-ins on this page are maintained by third-party developers. They are provided "as is", without any warranty and support by the Herschel Science Centre. Plug-in developers are solely responsible for testing and support.
The HSC also maintains a page with user contributed software -- these are typically stand-alone programs, not plug-ins for HIPE.

Available Plug-ins

Generic Utilities

PDS Images Plug-in

This plugin allows to open Planetary Data Science images (version 3) into HIPE. It allows to manage the image as a SimpleImage dataset and also to navigate the image using the latitude and longitude. It also allows to measure distances in the image using the mouse. The project is hosted in google code at: https://code.google.com/p/hipe-pds/

To install the plugin:

  • Go to Workbench in hipe
  • Go to menu Tools - plugins
  • In the new window click in the button Install New
  • In the URL introduce https://googledrive.com/host/0Bxc483hSRQ22NDdsTTdmMi1VNjQ/pds_1.0.jar
  • Hipe will re-start
  • Go to menu tools-pds and select the example script
  • Execute it (You will have to download the example file first and change the path in the script)

Unit Conversion Tool

The Unit Conversion Tool converts between various units of Flux (e.g., erg/s/cm2), Flux Density (e.g., Jy), Intensity (e.g. Jy/sr, K), Integrated Intensity (e.g., K km/s), and Surface Area (e.g. Steradians). Constants are converted via a GUI, and arrays (of type Double1d) are converted via the HIPE command line. All conversion formulae are derived within the help.

To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


The tool will auto-update itself. The Unit Conversion Tool is provided by Steve Lord and Annie Hoac (NHSC).

Cosmology Plug-in

A HIPE plugin to perform common Cosmological calculations. Based on Dave Hogg's "Distance measures in Cosmology", and similar to Ned Wright's javascript Cosmology Calculator.


HerschelQuickAnalysis Plug-in

Analyse data products from the Herschel Space Observatory, searching by target name, sky coordinates, observation identifier or operational day. Available observations are listed in the Herschel Observing Log and external catalogues like VizieR.

  • HIPE 10 or earlier

  • HIPE 11, 12

  • HIPE 13

First version with the new name; the external window is replaced by an integrated perspective:

Memory optimisations, UI and visual enhancements:

Filter out failed observations, search by ra/dec instead of by raNominal/decNominal, plus minor usability improvements:

Help Note: This plugin has been integrated with HIPE 14 in the form of the Quick Analysis perspective. Therefore it is not required to explicitly install it since this release.

Dataset Reader: Load very large products, by loading only designated datasets

This plug-in provides functions that allow reading of individual datasets from Products from the HSA, without the need to read the entire product into memory.

The concrete example for which it was written, are PACS Level 1 Frames products. By not loading the noise cube, for a given amount of memory, one can load products twice as large. This plug-in can be used for any kind of product, but it provides a special function to the PACS Frames, which produces a Frames product that can be reprocessed, but that does not contain the noise cube.

Go to the plug-in page

WhereIs plugin: returns a list of OBSIDs where a sky location (ra,dec) can be found in Herschel SPIRE and/or PACS maps.

Go to the plugin page


SPIA: SPIRE Photometric Interactive Analysis

The SPIA package is a plug-in to allow for interactive GUI based data processing with full control over pipeline module parameters. The currently available tasks of this package focus on the SPIRE photometer, in particular artifact removal and making of SPIRE scan maps.

To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


The installation is automatic. Any further updates will be automatically offered when you re-start HIPE and are connected to the internet.

See the SPIRE Data Reduction Guide and the SPIA Homemage for more information and documentation. SPIA development is led by Bernhard Schulz (NHSC). Support is available via the NHSC Helpdesk.

Photometric convolution

Task and script to convolve images to a common PSF. To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


ALERT! This plug-in is not compatible with HIPE 9. They are compatible with HIPE 10 from build 1500 onwards.

Documentation for the tasks and scripts. After installing a plug-in, you can find the corresponding script under the Tools menu in HIPE.

PACS Simple Aperture Photometry Plug-in

This task performs simple aperture photometry on a set of SimpleImage. It compliments and uses the ‘annularSkyAperturePhotometryTask’ interactive photometry tool already available in HIPE with added functionality catering to science needs. It is used to perform aperture photometry of unblended sources on single or multiple PACS frame.

To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


NOTE: This version of the plug-in works for any version of HIPE, effectively replacing version 1.0.

The tool will auto-update itself.

PACS boloSource plug-in

BoloSource takes PACS Level 1 frames and subtract embedded sources. The output interpolated cubes can be used to reconstruct background maps for the purpose of extended emission analysis, or alternatively, source-only maps can be used to perform accurate photometry in confused regions.


More information can be found on the boloSource page.


Spectroscopic convolution

Task and script to convolve PACS line flux maps to a common PSF. To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter any of the following URLs:

  • HIPE 10 & 11

  • HIPE 12

Documentation for the tasks and scripts. After installing a plug-in, you can find the corresponding script under the Tools menu in HIPE.

HI-PI: HIFI useful scripts plug-in

From the project page:

We have collected scripts from various sources around the HIFI ICC that have proved useful to users when reducing their data. This useful software has been packaged up in the format of a HIPE plugin, which is easy to install and will auto-update when a new version of the plugin is available.

The plug-in is available at this URL:


CASSIS Plug-in

CASSIS is a spectral analysis tool-set containing:

  • Line Identification Tool
  • Prediction of spectra
  • Comparison of telescope or laboratory data with a wide variety of models
  • Tools to determine the physical parameters of the sources

(See the web-site for details.) The plug-in makes this functionality available directly in HIPE.

To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:



SUPREME: Super Resolution Map-maker for extended emission

From the project homepage:

SUPREME is a generic name for mapmakers for extended emission based on a realistic physical instrument model and regularized inversion. A first development has been performed by T. Rodet et al IEEE 2, 5 (2008) using a Bayesian framework for the infrared slit spectrograph on board the Spitzer Space Telescope. F. Orieux et al A&A 539, A38 (2012) have proposed the first super-resolution supervised Bayesian mapmaker for the SPIRE instrument of the Herschel observatory, tested for simulated and real data. The current version of SUPREME, developed by H. Ayasso et al (hal-00765929), is based on an unsupervised Bayesian approach with enhanced beam and offset models. B. Hasnoun, member of the Integrated Data And Operation Center at IAS (IDOC), has exported the original Matlab code to Java and prepared a HIPE plugin.

SUPREME is an ambitious pluridisciplinary research projet for mapmaking where several research codes have been already developed. For instance, the estimate of hyperparameters and instrument parameters has been presented by F. Orieux et al A&A 549, A83 (2013). Moreover, Ayasso et al proposed an unsupervised mapmaker for point and extend sources mixture. Furthermore other improvements are expected in the future (1/f corrections, use for other instruments, …).

A plug-in for HIPE has been made available as the following URL:


ScanAmorphos Plug-in

The purpose of the scanamorphos plug-in is to read data from the scanamorphos program. Output from this program is not directly readable in HIPE, due to omissions in the WCS information. This plug-in provides a task called importScanAmorphos, which loads the data, fixes the WCS and produces a SimpleImage.

Go to the plug-in page

UniHIPE Plug-in

UniHIPE is a plugin developed to interface the standard photometric level1 data of the PACS and SPIRE instruments with the Unimap mapmaker. UniHIPE is developed by the ASDC, ASI Science Data Center, a facility managed by the Italian Space Agency, ASI: www.asdc.asi.it.

To install: select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


UniHIPE requires HIPE 12 or greater. UniHipe needs the complete HIPE installation (with all three instruments) to run.

More informations are available at the UniHIPE main webpage: http://herschel.asdc.asi.it/index.php?page=unimap.html

The UniHIPE help is available here: http://herschel.asdc.asi.it/UniHIPE4.0_help.html


MUST Plug-in

The MUST plug-in allows you to connect to ESOC's MUST database and process the housekeeping parameters.

Warning, important At the moment the MUST database can only be accessed within the ESA internal network.


After installation:

  • Restart HIPE
  • Go to menu Edit -> Preferences.
  • Select Must from the tree at the left of the pop-up window.
  • Modify the user and password information (if you do not know your user or password for MUST, please ask your MUST contact person)/
  • Click Apply.
  • Go to the menu Window -> Show View -> Must.
  • In the Must View, click the button Get Parameters.
  • Now you can plot the parameters you want.

If you want to make your own script to modify the parameters:

  • Go to Workbench perspective
  • Load the default script(Go to the menu Tools->must_herschel_plugin-composite.py)
  • Modify this example script at your wish.
  • Run the script


To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


Demonstration Plug-in

The demonstration plug-in is intended for plug-in developers. It shows some features of plug-in, such as including a license text, using a custom installer and custom configuration.



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