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SPIRE Photometer Beam Profiles

Final beam profile derivation including shadow maps ( Bernhard Schulz, October 2014)
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 The radial beam profile model for SPIRE was developed and described by Griffin et al. 2013. Taking the shadow observations into account revealed that the wavelength independent component of the model was just noise from residual background galaxies. The shadow observation allowed an almost complete subtraction, making this part obsolete. The updated IDL model reflects this accordingly and we correct the formula for the peak normalized monochromatic flux, depending on the distance from the peak (Theta), as follows:
  A value of -0.85 is adopted for gamma, which controls the dependence of the FWHM of the variable part of the beam on wavelength. The reference frequency nu_eff is the isophotal frequency for the product of the spectrum of Neptune and the respective SPIRE spectral filter profile. The frequencies 1224.0683, 873.06788, 609.86168 GHz for PSW, PMW, PLW respectively make the model beam profile consistent with the measured Neptune beam using the spectral indices 1.29, 1.42, 1.47 respectively to describe the Neptune SED in the three filter bands. For verification run the test procedure "test_hs_broadbpsf", returning the following table in excellent agreement with the measured values:
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