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-- SunilSidher - 02 Nov 2010
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581 15-12-2010 13:12 13:17   0x00002127 SpireEngPHOT_STBYtoREDY/H_CRP_SPI_PH2R Manual PHOT_STBY to REDY mode transition
581 15-12-2010 13:19 13:30   0x00002129 SpireEngREDYtoPHOT_STBY/H_CRP_SPI_R2PH Manual REDY to PHOT_STBY mode transition - repeated because RT science had not been enabled in the first test. Even this second test was performed with the bus profile set to PACS prime, rather than SPIRE prime, leading to loss of several photometer science packets. The use of PACS prime bus profile is confirmed by the DPU pool full events observed in OD 581 - see the health monitoring log
581 15-12-2010 13:44 13:49   0x0000212B SpireEngPHOT_STBYtoREDY/H_CRP_SPI_PH2R Manual PHOT_STBY to REDY mode transition
588 22-12-2010 ~11:45 ~11:46   Not set NA Manual TC sent to define an empty OBS table 0x37 of length 0x10. This was done to stop future TC failures for this table during MTL mode transitions. Second manual TC was sent to report the contents of this empty table as further confirmation that the table was correctly defined on-board. Both TCs were successful, i.e. TM(1,7) reports received. These TCs will also be inserted into the MOIS recovery procedure H_CRP_SPI_LTAB for future contingencies.
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