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-- SunilSidher - 02 Nov 2010
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941 10-12-2011 14:20 14:35   0x00000000 SPIRE Start Monitoring Start the on-board monitoring using a single manual TC - as specified in the PDF procedure at MOC. Checked for events and anomalies for ~15 minutes. All OK.
971 09-01-2012 13:35 13:58   0x00002999 Edited version of H_CRP_SPI_3TAB Patch of VM table for Functions (Table 100), after detection of SEU in OD 964. the manual commanding was performed in the middle of an MTL SPIRE cooler recycle, during DTCP, just before the SPIRE-S ODs 971/972. The OBSID was reset to 0x50000000 (null value for operations) by the manual procedure, while the cooler recycle was still in progress.
981 19-01-2012 11:15 11:38   0x00002999 H_CRP_SPI_PTAB Tables patched were Cooler Recycle (Table 0x53/83) and Actions (Table 0x67/103), after detection of SEUs in OD 977. Since the on-board monitoring had to be stopped to patch these tables, the Monitor table (Table 5), for which an SEU was detected in OD 964, was also successfully patched.
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1149 05-07-2012 15:48 16:05   0x00002999 SpireEngSlowPMDump/H_CRP_SPI_DUMP Trickle PM dump following the SEU at start of OD 1149.
1149 05-07-2012 16:43 16:58   0x00002999 H_CRP_SPI_SEU Patch of PM after SEU
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