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SPIRE instrument and calibration web pages

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Photometer calibration

  • SPIRE Photometer Calibration:
    • Full details of the SPIRE calibration can be found in the SPIRE Observers Manual and in dedicated journal papers (Bendo et al. 2013, North et al. 2013)
    • Point Source Flux Calibration ~ ▒ 7%
      • ~ 5% absolute from Neptune model
      • ~2% relative from Neptune photometry
    • Extended emission Calibration ~ ▒ 11%
      • additional ~4% due to uncertainty in the measured beam area
    • Additionally repeatability of measured photometry to flux densities >100mJy ~ 2%
  • SPIRE Photometer Beams:
    • These are available in the SPIRE calibration context, at the standard map pixel size of (6,10,14) arcsec/pixel for (250,350,500) Ám bands, and can be accessed in HIPE after a calibration context has been loaded (see above).
    • Tip, idea The observed beams at much finer scale of 1 arcsec/pixel, as well as the theoretical ones, are available from here . Please read the release note for more details.
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