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  In both cases, you need to re-reduce the data with the tips suggested below.
  • The list of observations used to build the Level 2.5 maps are included in the observations' metadata.
Solar System Objects

  • When the target is a Solar System Objects (SSO) having a proper motion, the spacecraft re-adjust its position after each scan, in order to always be centred on the target. However, the products retrieved from the Herschel Science Archive have been reduced using a standard pipeline which does not correct for the target's proper motion. As a result, the background of SSO observations will be focused while the SSO itself will appear blurred (for short observations) or as a line (for longer ones).
  • As of HIPE 8.0, a new script named SSO_MotionCorrection is available under the SPIRE Useful Scripts menu. The script computed the SSO speed in RA & Dec coordinates, applies the required shift to Level 1 timelines, computes the corrected maps and eventually saves the modified products to a local pool. The result are maps centred on the SSO (i.e. the target will appear focused) with a smooth/blurred background.
Data processing known issues

  • In order to obtain the best possible Level 2 SPIRE photometry data, the observations might have to be reprocessed with the latest HIPE User Release (see above).
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