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SPIRE instrument and calibration web pages

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  • Thermistor jumps
    • As of HIPE 6.0.3, a new module together called signalJumpDetector in place to identify the jump and to exclude the affected thermistor(s).
  • Cooler temperature variations
    • After the end of the SPIRE cooler recycle, the temperature is few mK below the plateau (i.e. the most stable value which lasts for about 40h): it takes about 7h to reach it. Between 6 to 7h after the cooler recycle ends, its temperature raises steeply and reaches the plateau. So far, the pipeline is not able to cope with these strong temperature variation, hence observations taken during will may present stripes in the final maps (especially for extragalactic fields). To solve this, the user can try a baseline polynomial fit of order >2 on the entire baseline or the destriper.
  • NaNs pixels present in the PSW, PMW and/or PLW (Level 2) maps
    • This effect, related to data masked for various reasons and poor coverage (not enough redundancy), is more evident in single fast-scan Parallel Mode maps. To avoid NaNs, increase the pixel's dimension (i.e., decrease the map's resolution)
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