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SPIRE instrument and calibration web pages

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SPIRE_CAL_1_2 HIPE v1 Phot flux conv based on Ceres
(SPIRE_CAL_1_1) HIPE v1 Pre-launch dummy values
More details of the changes in each version are given here.
Details of individual calibration products can be found here.
  • Any of the calibration trees can be retrieved in HIPE from the HSA using (e.g.) cal = spireCal(calTree="spire_cal_12_2") etc. The default (applicable to the HIPE version in use) can be obtained with cal = spireCal(calTree="spire_cal"). It can then be saved to a local pool right-clicking on the cal variable and then selecting from the context menu Send To -> Local Pool.
  • Alternatively, the latest calibration tree for SPIRE can be obtained as a jar file from Latest calibration trees. Then, you have to possibilities to read and save:
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