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  • The current recommended method for photometry sourceExtractorTimeline task (formerly known as the Timeline Fitter) which works on the detector timelines. The Map based algorithm sourceExtractorSussex (SUSSEXtractor) providers good results and is useful on larger maps where the sourceExtractorTimeline will be significantly slower. sourceExtractorDaophot (DAOphot) also provides a reasonable estimate of the source flux but may require an aperture correction.
  • Photometry on single direction fast scan parallel mode maps: The photometry on single scan direction fast parallel mode results in higher photometric errors of up to 5 percent for aperture photometry compared to nominal speed and cross linked maps. The best results are obtained using the Timeline Fitter. Wherever possible orthogonal and nominal direction parallel scans should be merged.

SPIRE report from the January 2013 HSC Map Making Workshop

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