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SPIRE Calibration Product Details

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SCalSpecTeleModel Telescope Model Coefficients   derivation described in Hopwood et al. (2014)
SCalSpecTeleRsrf Spectrometer Telescope RSRF jiggId, res, time derivation described in Fulton et al. (2014)
SCalSpecTempDriftCorr Temperature Drift Correction Coefficients biasMode, time not actually used in the pipeline
SCalSpecLrCorr Empirical LR Correction for SLW res Introduced in spire_cal_14_0
SCalSpecOpdCorr Empirical OPD Correction   Introduced in spire_cal_14_0
SCalSpecExtCorr Empirical Extended Source Calibration Correction   Introduced in spire_cal_14_0
  Spectrometer Calibration Products that are no longer used
Name Product Description Additional information
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