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PACS instrument and calibration web pages

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  The FMT functionality is fully incorporated in HIPE 15, however it has not yet been tested on general users, and for this reason we recommend you to contact the Herschel helpdesk to ask for advice on running the code. In exchange for some one-on-one help, we would appreciate feedback on the scripts and the documentation provided in the FMT package.

Cookbooks and interactive pipeline scripts


Interactive pipeline scripts

  • The various interactive pipeline scripts PACS photometry and spectroscopy provide in HIPE can be seen as cookbooks, since they take you through each pipeline, task by task, explaining briefly what each task does, commenting on the more crucial pipeline tasks, and showing you how to plot, image, visualise and inspect your data as you work through the pipeline. An example public observation is included with each so you can test it out before using it on your data. These data reduction scripts are available in HIPE under the menu: Pipeline --> PACS --> Photometer/Spectrometer.
  • The PACS Launch Pads are taken from the first chapters of the respective PDRGs and are a useful quick-start guide to loading your data into HIPE, looking at them, and then what to know and do before you begin reprocessing your data with one of the pipelines. These can be gotten via HIPE itself or the links here (these are to the HIPE 15 versions, which are the same as the HIPE 14 versions)
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