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PACS instrument and calibration web pages

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  NEW NEW NEW Latest Updates (11-July-2016)
  • HIPE 14.2 has been released
  • HIPE 14.2 will be released inminently
  • PACS instrument data with HIPE 14.2 version will be part of an upcoming bulk reprocessing (Note last bulk of PACS data was performed with 14.0.1)
  • Check calibration updates and improvements
  • Warning for pointing anomaly in HIPE/SPG 13/14: several PACS and SPIRE photometry observations reported are affected by a known problem related to the reset of the Spacecraft Velocity Vector (SVV) during the upload of the star-tracker's defective pixel table. For the affected observations, the pointing of the telescope can be off along the scan direction, and shifted up to 20 arcsec up to 14.0.1
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