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PACS instrument and calibration web pages

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  • Chop/nod observations:
    • Chop/nod observations were not used for scientific observations during the mission, however they were heavily used for the photometry monitoring and well as numerous observations for the pointing accuracy check/monitoring. See Nielbock et al., 2013, Experimental Astronomy for the time dependent flux calibration for the PACS chopped point-source photometry AOT mode.
A new responsivity calibration (version) is deployed on the HCSS 7 track (this is explained in the internal report PICC-ME-TN-033 v1.01, where the associated encircled energy fraction [EEF] is given). This improves the accuracy of photometry to 3% in the blue channel and 5% in the red channel.
"PACS photometer point-source flux calibration (3.1 Mb) (PICC-ME-TN-037), version 1.0, 12 April 2011.
We refer to: PACS Photometer: chop/nod point-source & mini-scan map AOT release note: (2 Mb) version 2.0, 12 November 2010. We recommend you use the mini scan-map technique in all science cases related to point-sources, compact sources and also in cases of faint extended emission around point-sources. The chop/nod mode is no longer recommended for use
* However, for a technical assessment of the original chop/nod mode sensitivity intended for point-sources, we refer to SAp-PACS-MS-0711-09 (5.5 Mb) and to the paper "The Herschel PACS photometer calibration - A time dependent flux calibration for the PACS chopped point-source photometry AOT mode" for the calibration of that mode

Photometer map-makers

  • Four fundamentally different map-makers are offered in HIPE 13 with interactive pipeline scripts, starting from Level 1. These map-makers are used in different ways to generate standard products ("SPG" product) provided by the Herschel Science Archive: high-pass filtering is applied to generate Level2 products, while Unimap and JScanam are used to create Level2.5 products. Level3 products are mosaics of Level2.5 products that belong to the same sky field and to the same observing program.
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<!-- This is corrected for MADmap in HIPE 12 by the task convertToFixedPixelSize() at the end of level1. The flux difference come from the fact that the mean values of the optical flat are significantly different from 1, in other words it cannot be assumed by external map-makers that the pixel sizes is constant of the field of view at 3.2"/6.4 in the blue/red channel respectively. Scanamorphos and Unimap are also affected, but not JScanam that makes use of photProject.-->

PACS spectrometer calibration

PACS spectrometer calibration
  • PACS Spectrometer performance and calibration: The PACS Spectrometer Calibration Document v2.4 (16-June-2011) provides details on the calibration accuracy and the necessary information to optimally interpret PACS spectroscopy observations. (Please note, this document refers to the calibration status and performance of pipeline version v8.0. An update compatible with HIPE v13 release will be provided soon.) This includes:
    • flux calibration accuracies for chop nod and unchopped observations
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