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PACS instrument and calibration web pages



This page provides up-to-date information about using the PACS instrument: from preparing observations to reducing your data. This includes information on the PACS instrument, PACS data, reducing PACS data in HIPE, and post-pipeline processing, and links to tutorials and scripts that you can run in HIPE. The calibration accuracies and technical information about the spectrometer and photometer of PACS are also provided here, as well as information about what future calibration and processing improvements can be expected.
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  A report of the map-making working group compiled by Roberta Paladini is available: PACS map-making tools: analysis and benchmarking, 1 Nov. 2013.
The optical field distortion is not applied in level 1, as this calibration is applied by the native photProject task. As a result, external map-makers starting from level 1 have a systematic flux overestimate of 6-7% in the red channel and a lower underestimate (~2%) in the blue channel of the flux scale. This will be corrected for MADmap in Hipe12/SPG12 by introducing the new task convertToFixedPixelSize() at the end of level1. The flux difference come from the fact that the mean values of the optical flat are significantly different from 1, in other words it cannot be assumed by external map-makers that the pixel sizes is constant of the field of view at 3.2"/6.4 in the blue/red channel respectively.

Scanamorphos and Unimap are also affected, but not JScanam that makes use of photProject.


PACS spectrometer calibration

  • PACS Spectrometer performance and calibration: The PACS Spectrometer Calibration Document v2.4 (16-June-2011) provides details on the calibration accuracy and the necessary information to optimally interpret PACS spectroscopy observations. (Please note, this document refers to the calibration status and performance of pipeline version v8.0. An update compatible with HIPE v12.0 release will be provided soon.) This includes:
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