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Herschel Open Time Cycle-1 Data Processing Workshop, 14-18 March 2011

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  Presentations will be posted here.

Data sets & Scripts


Data sets

  To download the data sets that will be used during the workshop demos/hands-on sessions, please follow the instructions below:
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 These datasets will be used in the joint HIFI/SPIRE spectral Tools session and are placed in the corresponding HIFI or SPIRE directories in the ftp repository above mentioned.
PACS: Data sets

Photometer, for the RCW120 observations only the red band can be processed on a 4 GB RAM laptop. All public data in the archive (Total size= 0.77GB)

OBSIDs Target description
1342185553 RCW120 scan map
1342185554 RCW120 scan map
1342185575 Sh104 scan map
1342185576 Sh104 scan map
1342189191 delta Dra mini-scan map
1342189192 delta Dra mini-scan map
1342195466 HIP99240 mini-scan map
1342195467 HIP99240 mini-scan map


OBSIDs Target description
1342191353 AFGL490 Line spectroscopy
1342204332 Ceres SED
1342204333 Ceres SED
1342197900 Neptune B2B ON Unchopped SED
1342197901 Neptune B2B OFF Unchopped SED
1342197898 Neptune B2A ON Unchopped SED
1342197899 Neptune B2A OFF Unchopped SED
1342209696 NGC6543 Unchopped Line spectroscopy
1342209695 NGC6543 Unchopped Line spectroscopy

HIFI: Data sets (Total size: 4.28GB)

OBSIDs AOR Label Note Pool name used in scripts
1342180473 Aot2_P_FSw_1b_H2O_557_AFGL2591_deep OK 1342180473_point_fsw_1b
1342180551 Aot2_P_LChopNoRef_3a_CH+_DR21 OK on Monday Feb21 1342180551_point_lchop_3a_noref
1342181161 Aot2_S_DBS_1b_full_R4_LDN1157B1   1342181161_sscan_dbs_1b_r4
1342190183 Aot2_P_FastDBS_1b_CO5-4_LDN1157   1342190183_point_fastdbs_1b
1342191505 SDP_HOP - HScan - O2 - 487.3GHz - Orion S   1342191505_sscan_mini_dbs_1a_r12
1342191649 SDP_HEXOS-orikl-hifiss-b4b   1342191649_sscan_dbs_4b_r6
1342205481 Aot3_M_DBS_3x3_7b_CII_S140 Engineering mode 1342205481_map_dbs_7b
1342205474 Aot3_M_DBS_3x3_1b_CO_5_4_S140 Engineering mode 1342205474_map_dbs_1b
1342210099 Aot3_M_OTF_1b_CO5-4_IRC10216   1342210099_map_otf_1b
1342210097 Aot3_M_OTF_1b_CO5-4_IRC10216_halfbeam   1342210097_map_otf_1b_halfbeam

SPIRE: Data sets

OBSIDs Description Source Pool Name
1342210941 Small Map of planetary nebula BD303639 spirephot_bd303639
1342211401 Small Map of “dark region” Dark Sky spirephot_dark_od587
1342195871 Small Map of secondary calibration star GammaDra spirephot_gammadra_rp
1342187440 Large Map of Neptune, OD 202 Neptune spirephot_neptune_beams_rp
1342183475 Large Map of planetary nebula NGC 5315 spirephot_ngc5315_rp
1342183046 Parallel Mode maps of bright galaxy (orthogonal direction only) NGC 6946 spirephot_ngc6946_ort_rp
1342183047 Parallel Mode maps of bright galaxy (nominal direction only) NGC 6946 spirephot_ngc6946_norm_rp
1342189124 Carbon star NGC7027 (OD240, 17 reps, HR mode) NGC 7027 spireSpec1342189124_NGC7027
1342189120 Dark sky (OD240, 40 reps, CR mode) Dark Sky spireSpec1342189120_DarkSky
1342187893 Mrk 231 (OD209, 50 reps, HR mode) Mrk 231 spireSpec1342187893_Mrk231
1342187890 Dark sky (OD209, 50 reps, CR mode) Dark Sky spireSpec1342187890_DarkSky
1342192180 NGC7023 (OD302, 4 reps, MR, Raster, Intermediate sampling) NGC 7023 spireSpec1342192180_NGC7023

We also need to give the participants the two spectrometer daily teleRsrf files for ODs 209 and 240:


Hands-on Sessions


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META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" autoattached="1" comment="" date="1299754793" name="OT1_DPWorkshop_HIFI_SPIRE_draft_agenda.pdf" path="OT1_DPWorkshop_HIFI_SPIRE_draft_agenda.pdf" size="11401" user="Main.JeanMatagne" version="1"
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