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Status of standard pipeline pointing products: ground-based improvements (SPG 13.0 and beyond)

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  This page refers to the improved pointing information provided in products created in SPG 13.0 and later, derived from gyro-reconstructed attitude data. For data products created with SPG versions before 13.0, please refer to the page on improved pointing information from "simple" ground-based processing.
For known issues and pointing-related software updates, please refer to the pages: HIPE Known Issues, Data Products' Known Issues, and What's New in HIPE.

Background information

The accuracy of the Herschel's attitude measurements was notably improved along the operational phase of the mission, and further improved on-ground (see the pointing calibration sections in this web), but the attitude measurements derived on-board and down-linked (the so-called filtered attitude) were too heavily filtered and therefore resulted in a poor estimation of the high-frequency changes in the spacecraft attitude (the spacecraft pointing jitter/stability). The "gyro-based attitude reconstruction" method was devised to overcome this limitation. It combines the star tracker attitude measurements with the output from the Inertial Reference Unit (gyroscopes).

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  -- CraigStephenson - 04 Jan 2016
-- Miguel Sanchez - 2016-08-03
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