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Work on Herschel FTS highly processed data products (HPDP)

Herschel's Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) observed thousands of sources during the 4 year lifetime of the observatory. The targets of these observations have significant emission in the far-infrared (FIR, 200-700 μm) and included Solar System bodies, Galactic regions with cold dust, and nearby and extremely distant galaxies at the edge of the visible Universe. The Herschel Science Archive will contain the final legacy spectra observed with the FTS and the derivative spectral features catalogue, all freely available for astronomical research.

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This work includes all sparse point mode data which has been processed to level-2, excluding Dark Sky observations and the targets studied in R.Hopwood et al. 2013.

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Those sources studied in R.Hopwood et al. 2013 and that were not processed further in the project are listed in the page below.
 Skipped Targets

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