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New Pointing Products for ODs 320 to 761



if the data retrieved from the Herschel Science Archive (HSA) have been processed with SPG V9.1.0 or later (check the "creator" metadatum within the observation contex)t, the improved pointing corrections are already in the observation context and therefore you DO NOT need to apply this procedure


On OD 320 the temperature of the star-tracker (STR) CCD was lowered, to mitigate the effect of hot flickering pixels. As a side effect this change slightly the focal length of the star tracker, hence introducing a shift in the reconstructed astrometry of Herschel maps when the distribution of tracking stars was not homogeneous in the STR field-of-view, up to 7-8 arcsec in the most extreme cases. A new model was uploaded on-board on OD762 to correct for this. For the interim period ODs 320 to OD761 new first order pointing products have been generated at HSC to correct this problem.

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