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What's new in HIPE 9

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Main window

The state of the main window (size, location, maximized state) is remembered among HIPE sessions, so it is not necessary to set it after every start-up.

Startup & shutdown

Check of local pool locks (probably left from a previous session that was abnormally terminated) is executed at startup. This check is configurable in preferences.

Editor area & Viewers

  • The tabs within the Editor area show the close button even if not selected, so they can be closed with 1 click instead of 2.
  • The list of viewers shown in the Open With menu for the selected variable is more specific.
  • The viewer of lists shows the data values instead of just their type.


Context sensitive help on the focused view added. It can be accessed through Help > Help on <name> view or with F2.




  • TablePlotter now supports the axis.Date functionality.
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