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What's new in HIPE 8

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  See also the HIPE known issues and the Data products known issues pages for last-minute information on known problems.




  • Improved spectral cubes: Spectral cubes from mapping observations after OD 835 gridded using actual scan line and readout used in observation, earlier maps use a better approximation.
  • Improved band 6 and 7 data: Improvements in the level 1 pipeline give noticeably improved noise and baseline quality of all observations performed in bands 6 and 7.
  • Standing waves: For strong continuum sources an optional pipeline step, doFilterLoads, can reduce or eliminate standing waves from the hot and cold loads
  • Calibration version: The calibration version used by the pipeline is now included in the metadata of all calibrated products. You can also select the calibration version to be used by the pipeline (command line only).


  • PACS Spectroscopy: Several new or improved tasks: flux calibration now includes the calibration block; errors are calculated at the cube level; better transients correction for unchopped observations; improved the flatfielding tasks (line scan and range scan separately).
  • New pipeline scripts: To combine or bulk processes data, to compare off-source (sky) spectra to the on-source spectra, and to experiment with an alternative spectral response method.
  • PACS Photometry: Second-level deglitching more efficient; a companion task to photProject, which is much faster; new cross-talk correction task; updated calibration file for non-linearity.
  • Reprocess with HIPE 8: Only if you have a very bright target of which you want to do the photometry with the non-linearity correction and the crosstalk artifacts removal.


  • Bright sources: Big improvements in the processing of bright source mode observations with the SPIRE Spectrometer.
  • Calibration files: Improvements in a number of Spectrometer calibration files.
  • FTS spectra: The representation of FTS spectra is now in terms of Frequency in GHz and not in wavenumbers in cm-1.

Core system

Jython major upgrade. The version of Jython on which HIPE is based has been upgraded from 2.1 to 2.5.2. You may have to adapt your scripts for them to work with the new version.

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