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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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All products

  • Removed the legacy diff methods from Product and Dataset interface. All functionality moved into ProductDiff class which is available as part of the utility toolbox (herschel.ia.toolbox.util)


A new task historyExtract is available to facilitate retrieving the value of a certain parameter from the product history. E.g. one can use the following command line to find out which calibration file was used in a given task of the PACS spectrometer pipeline:

value = historyExtract(product=frames, task='convertSignal2StandardCap', parameter='effectiveCapacitance')

The GUI of this task guides you through the available tasks and parameters: The option lists of the 'task' and 'parameter' parameters only show what is available in the history of the specified product:



Observation context

Product Access Layer

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  • error propagation (and error bars) is implemented in the PACS rebinned cubes (STDDEV dataset)
  • spg pipeline: the wavelength switching pipeline is merged with the unchopped pipeline and removed
  • improved documentation and user friendliness of the pipeline tasks within hipe


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  • GUIs are now available to work on spectral data: SpectrumExplorer and spectral footprint
  • There is a new GUI for viewing the footprint of the spectrometer upon an image with WCS: the tool pacsSpectralFootprint. It can be accessed through the applicable tasks list in the Tasks View.
  • The Spectrum Explorer GUI has a new panel for editing PACS masks.
  • implementation of user friendly viewer for the PACS specific part of the ObservationContext:
    • Each spectrometer slice now shows after the slice number a short description of its contents
    • The tooltip of the slice shows the complete list of slice info keywords.
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