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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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  • Red and blue camera spectra can now be combined in a single context in the level-2 processing, therefore, the lineId has changed for the red camera: 100 is added!


  • PACS Data Reduction Guide. Chp 1 is now a collection of Launch Pads: on getting Data into HIPE, doing your PACS Spectroscopy and doing your PACS Photometry. These are quick-start guides to working with your PACS observations. Chp2 tells you how to load your data, your pipeline script, and your calibration tree into HIPE, for photometry and spectroscopy both.
  • Spectroscopy: the pipeline chapters are being re-organised to follow the new pipeline scripts, and so for this 8.0 RC4 version of the PDRG only the LineScan Chop-Nod pipeline is described.


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