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What's New in HIPE 8

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  • Jython upgrade:
    • No need to extend JTask in Jython
  • General clean up of tasks:
    • Removed default values from mandatory parameters, warnings issued (control of bad programming)
    • Validators in primary inputs (improved checking and messages on bad data), return false on error (control damage of developer mistakes)
  • Modifiers (parameter editors):
    • Added Editor for selecting a subset of a list of values (JListModifier)
    • Added a variant of JOptionModifier (Combobox) that returns some values but shows others (example: ints returned but strings shown)
  • Default task layout:
    • Improving visibility of defaults: tooltip
    • big modifiers can occupy a full row
    • groups (tabs) can be navigated with the mouse wheel
    • Added checkboxes to parameters labels: they control which parameters will be used to generate the task call. By default:, optionals are unmarked. Defaults, when requested, will be shown (*)
    • Can reset parameters individually
    • Parameters can list the variables they can accept
    • Task command generation: added converters so that arbitrary types can be represented with Jython strings (*)

Quality control

Systematic product generation

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