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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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  • Task simpleAsciiTableReader extended to support all options of asciiTableReader via Advanced tab. (eventually, asciiTableReader will subsume simpleAsciiTableReader)
  • Improved type guessing for table reading (affects (simple)AsciiTableReader): for floating-point data it will detect precision loss and maintain representation. If a floating-point number will lose precision as a float (32-bits) a double (64-bits) will be used instead: up to 17 significant digits but in these case it will use twice the memory.
  • Improved documentation and information provided by getObservation
  • saveObservation now reports the progress in the status bar and can be interrupted/stopped.
  • Added contextual menu option to Variables View to save tables with asciiTableWriter. Also added a validator to the task that will restrict its applicability to TableDatasets that can be fit into an ASCII table.

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