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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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    • phaseWrapSLW/SSW counts the number of times that in-band phase changes by +/-1.5pi in any of the nominal SLW/SSW detectors.
    • residualPhaseSLW/SSW gives the maximum absolute phase value (in units of degree) inside the phase correction limits in any of the nominal SLW/SSW detectors.

Create SDI from SDS

  • InverseFourierTransformTask has been created to transform SDS objects into SDI objects by applying the inverse Fourier transform:
    sdi = inverseFourierTransform(sds = sds)
  • InverseFourierTransformTask is not the inverse of the FourierTransformTask because it does not remove zeropadding from the output interferograms.

Convenience task for spectral cube creation

  • SpireProjectionTask has been created to provide a convenient single API for creating spectral cubes.
  • The task can make spectral cubes using any of the following algorithms:
    • Naive projection
    • Nearest neighbour projection
    • Gridding projection

Interactive Analysis and Tools


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