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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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Calibration Products

The Spectrometer Beam Parameters calibration product used by the Point Source Flux Conversion now contains the wavenumber-dependent point-source flux conversion factors for each spectrometer detector. Previously, this product contained factors only for each spectrometer array.

The Spectrometer Nominal PCAL calibration product contains the weighted mean and standard deviation PCAL level separation for dark sky in Nominal Mode. This calibration product is used by the new PCAL Gain module.

The Spectrometer Bright Mode Gain calibration product contains the intercept and gradient for the wavenumber-dependent gain. This calibration product is used by the new Bright Mode Gain module.


Calibration Framework


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  The Flux Calibration module has been replaced by two modules, the Point Source Flux Calibration module and the Extended Source Flux Calibration module. References to SpecFluxConversionTask should be replaced with SpecPointFluxConversionTask or SpecExtendedFluxConversionTask. Read more in the pipeline specification manual at Spectrum Point Source Flux Calibration and Spectrum Extended Source Flux Calibration.
The Point Source Flux Calibration module can now be applied to more than just the central detectors.

Spectral Unit and Unit-Flexibility

It is now possible to specify the spectral unit of the initial spectra. The Fourier Transform module (FourierTransformTask) now accepts an optional spectralUnit string parameter to specify the desired output spectral unit. For example, if spectralUnit='GHz', then the output spectra will be in units of V/GHz versus GHz. If no unit is specified, the output spectra will be in units of V/(1/OPD_UNIT) versus 1/OPD_UNIT (the OPD unit is typically cm).

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